A downloadable game for Windows

Find grotesque objects hidden around the cabin and cleanse them in the fire. Only when all these cursed items are burnt will the spirits become weak enough to be banished. Complete the exorcism before you go mad.

Developed in 78 hours by a team of 4 for the "GDL Spooky Jam 2018." Achieved 2nd place in the "Spooky Theme" category.

Jason Pushkar - 3D Modeler and Texture Artist
Jensen Verlaan - Level Designer, Sanity System Designer
Peter Francis - Sound Designer, Cursed Item System Designer
Emily Bendevis - 2D Artist

CURRENT BUG: Winning currently plays the losing message. If a losing message appears after you have just thrown an item in the fire, it means you have successfully burnt all the cursed items and won the game. Apologies for the inconvenience.


SpookyGameJameBuild.zip 132 MB


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I don't know if this exorcism can be done. :)


That's our bad! We submitted in a rush, and sadly the ending broke. You may well have actually beaten it. Thanks very much for playing it!

I'm stuck after burning the hand :(

Oh no! You're stuck as in there is a bug or you're not sure what to do after burning it?